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AlphaDAO is an exclusive community of top Web3 investors, founders, and builders providing access to proprietary insights and deal flow


Our Approach

With a tight-knit group of industry leaders, we grow and strengthen the DAO’s community through networking events, sharing alpha, and investing in valuable projects to grow the DAO's treasury.

Selected Alpha DAO Generators

David Gan_edited.jpg

David Gan

GP at OP Crypto, ex Huobi

richard ma.jpeg

Richard Ma

CEO of Quantstamp


Jazear Brooks

Founder of Sifchain

Andrew Durgee.jpeg

Andrew Durgee

Head of Republic Crypto

GP of R Crypto Fund

sidney powell.jpeg

Sidney Powell

CEO of Maple Finance

Sishir Varghese.jpeg

Sishir Varghese

Co-Founder of Spectral Finance

mike chen_edited.jpg

Mike Chen

Co-Founder of GBIC

matt liu.png

Matthew Liu

Co-Founder of Origin

Shiliang Tang

CIO of LedgerPrime

Membership Tiers

AlphaDAO is designed to facilitate informed venture investment and professional project incubation and grow an elite network for its members. 

Alpha Generators

  • Access to Alpha's venture DAO

  • LP shares in the Alpha Investment DAO

  • Priority access to all exclusive Alpha events globally

  • Access/ whitelist spots to exclusive art - physical and NFTs - published and curated by Alpha

  • Ability to propose own NFT collections with Alpha’s network

  • Discounted event hosting fees

Alpha Members

  • Access to select deals in the Alpha deal flow

  • Access to selected Alpha events, happy hours, and Alpha builder’s days

  • For founders and builders: pitch your own projects directly to AlphaDAO or individual Alpha Generators 

  • Whitelist opportunities to Alpha NFT collections and to Alpha partnership projects

  • Access to exclusive content & AMA’s

  • Access to traditional art and NFT galleries at Alpha Houses.

Our Select Event Sponsors and Partners

Alpha House NYC

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More Alpha Houses to come 

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